West Mountain Environmental


West Mountain Environmental (WMT:TSX) is a publicly traded provider of environmental remediation and resource recovery technology.  Based in Canada it operates around the world focussing on transfer of technology and remediation operations in China, the Arabian Gulf and West Africa.

Its Executive Team is composed of environmental professionals and proven entrepreneurs with expertise in environmental protection, waste management, oilfield environmental services, consumer electronics, satellite monitoring and private equity.

Holding patents for a number of different remediation technologies the company originally built on the success of the Thermal Phase Separation (TPS) technology first deployed it in 1996 in Canada and around the world over the last two decades. It now provides a full suite of key technologies for heavy metals removal and fixation, direct and indirect thermal remediation and petrochemical sludge treatment and hydrocarbon recovery. All technologies offered by West Mountain are available for contract operation or capital sale.

West Mountain first entered China in 2010 with a partnership with the influential Nanjing Institute of Environmental Sciences (NIES). Commercial operations began in 2012 through its Shanghai based subsidiary with several pesticide remediation projects in Suzhou and Hangzhou. In 2013 began reclamation of oil sludge from developments in western Shanxxi province. In 2014 it began the reclamation of oil from tank waste through a partnership with Nahai and more recently the Mizuda Group.

In 2016 West Mountain began offering access to its Shanghai based infrastructure to environmental remediation technology suppliers with innovative solutions and an interest in the rapidly expanding China market. Its registered Wholly Owned Foreign Entity (WOFE) in Shanghai and publicly traded platform in Canada represent the two secure ends of its proven technology transfer pipeline. With West Mountain technology companies have access to a transparent legal, financial, engineering, marketing and administrative support platform for their first steps into China.

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