Technology Portfolio


China is a diverse country facing a broad range of environmental remediation challenges. WMT recognizes that every challenge is unique and requires an individual approach combining assessment, engineering and planning and most importantly the selection of the Best Available Technology. WMT's environmental professionals thoroughly evaluate proven and newly commercial technology before considering its deployment to China. All technology is evaluated on effectiveness environmental, impact, cost and reliability.

Canadian Designed In accordance with US and EU to strict design specifications all of WMT's technologies meet and exceed China MEP standards (GB18484-1996, GB18484-2001, GB12348-2008, and GB8978-1996) for emissions and soil treatment.

China Built systems fabricated by WMT ensure that all of its technologies are cost effective in a highly competitive marketplace. Each units is custom built to specific client requirements by WMT approved suppliers and managed by our combined Chinese Canadian Engineering and Fabrication Team.

Shanghai Serviced. All equipment is supported and serviced by our combined Chinese Canadian Support Team from our offices in Shanghai ensuring training, technical support and parts supply on demand.