Portable Oil Sludge Treatment and Recovery (POSTR)


Oil sludge and sediment account for up to 4% of all crude oil production, transport and storage. On average this sludge contains up to 10% recoverable oil. China currently produces over 4 million barrels of oil per day and imports an additional 7 million barrels per day. This equates to approximately 44,000 barrels per day of recoverable oil lost to landfilling and incineration of oil sludge.

POSTR is a customizable combination of thermal, mechanical and chemical technologies that allows the user to recover up to 90% of the oil from oil sludge which can be sold for refining. POSTR offers the foundation system for an oil sludge management process that completes a company's shift from waste management to resource recovery and revenue generation. When combined with TPS technology a POSTR based oil sludge facility can recover over 99% of the oil making the facility one of the most ecological and economical decisions any company can make.

WMT currently operates an Oil Sludge Recovery Facility in cooperation with the Mizuda Group in Zhoushan, Zheijiang Province with an annual capacity of over 50,000mT.

Customizable large capacity fixed systems with greater than 90 mT/hr capacity and compact, mobile systems with a capacity of 10mT/hr are available for rig site or temporary pad operation.

POSTR. Canadian Designed. China Built. Shanghai Serviced.