Sediment Decontamination System (SDS)


The SDS is a unique example of a group of technologies for removal of heavy metals or hydrocarbons from soil and sediment known as soil washing. Soil washing, commonly applied in the EU, is a technique for concentrating contaminants through chemo mechanical separation. It does not destroy or immobilize the contaminants but concentrates them separate from the feed allowing for safe and cost effective disposal of much smaller volumes.

SDS is unique in its targeting of fine particles (<60 um). Riparian soils, river sediment and river delta clays are typical of the topography of the southern coastal Chinese Provinces of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Guangzhou. These soil types commonly have high ratios of fine particles and it these fine particles to which heavy metals commonly bind. The key to success is the physical separation of these fine particles from heavy metal contaminants. It is this type of soil where the SDS is superior option.

Each soil washing project is unique requiring a custom arrangement of the physical equipment and site specific application of 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, proprietary surfactant, precipitation, flocculation and chelating agents. Support from the WMT Technical Support Team ensures proper equipment and chemical selection for each project.

With SDS, WMT offers one of the most cost effective and efficient systems available in China.  Combined with pre-project planning, pilot testing and operational support SDS is the ideal technology for management of contaminated river sediment and return of contaminated agricultural land to production.

SDS. Canadian Designed. China Built. Shanghai Serviced.